Serving Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Maintenance, repair, and Operation: Industrial Coatings, Lubricants, Contact Cleaners, Degreasers,Thread Lockers, Cyanoacrylates (Super Glue), Epoxies, UV Curables,Thread Sealants

Ladders, Scaffolds, Work Platforms, Warehouse Ladders,Aisle Marking Tape,Flagging Tape, Caution Tape,Lifting Slings, Chains, Wire Ropes, Cargo Tie Downs

Aerosol Paint,Paint Brushes/Roller Covers,Private Label Aerosols,Custom Paint Packaging, Aerosol, Brush-tops, Paint-Markers,Industrial Paint Markers, Ink Markers, Lumber Crayons, Grade Markers